Sunday, June 13, 2010

Horrible Horror - Top Ten Funniest Slasher Movie Kills

Welcome to the very first Top 10 list in the history of Horrible Horror!

I am going to make this clear here as well as in the video: This is my personal list. I could never claim to state the funniest of all time - what scares you
and what makes you laugh are far too personal for me to claim anything like that. And like I state in the video, there are still tons of slashers I haven't seen.
And if a kill you find hilarious isn't here, well, either I didn't see it or didn't laugh at it. Who knows? Some day there may be a "Ten even funnier kills".

This was really fun, but also really hard work to make, but I am very happy with the overall result. I hope you are too. It turned out a little longer than I had
hoped, but hopefully it's entertaining enough for you to want to stick around.

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