Sunday, June 13, 2010

Horrible Horror - Top Ten Funniest Slasher Movie Kills

Welcome to the very first Top 10 list in the history of Horrible Horror!

I am going to make this clear here as well as in the video: This is my personal list. I could never claim to state the funniest of all time - what scares you
and what makes you laugh are far too personal for me to claim anything like that. And like I state in the video, there are still tons of slashers I haven't seen.
And if a kill you find hilarious isn't here, well, either I didn't see it or didn't laugh at it. Who knows? Some day there may be a "Ten even funnier kills".

This was really fun, but also really hard work to make, but I am very happy with the overall result. I hope you are too. It turned out a little longer than I had
hoped, but hopefully it's entertaining enough for you to want to stick around.

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  1. I used to watch nothing by comedy & horror, but somewhere along the line, American comedies just stopped being funny & horror BECAME the comedy.

    Wow, you're cute. I love your hair :D

    Would have been funnier if he'd skewered himself on his pole vault stick. He's not much of a bleeder, is he?

    Today's lesson: don't chug cheap beer.

    Sofar I've seen all of these before. Classics are just more fun than today's cliches.

    This corpse for sale!

    Oh man, I love Hose of Wax, & Mystery of the Wax Museum. Vincent Price rules!

    Oh look, it's Cap'n Popeye.

    The Romero Joker strikes again!

    Sounds like he's done, but he's still cold. Better pop him in for a few more minutes.

    Pineapple Samurai.

    You half expect Freddy to come out of the TV dancing like Holly Would.

    If she'd been a guy, every man who saw it would have crossed their legs at that moment.

    The only Leprichain movie that disappointed me was #4.

    Off with his head! Reminds me of another movie where a sleader looses his head to a low branch.

    Grr, I suck at remembering titles. I seem to recall a few funny deaths in that movie about the killer elevator. & another movie called Idol Hands had some too. There's one about a couple of gravedigers who use corpses for the meat at their diner. & another one about zombies in a highschool that like rock music.

  2. I think the killer in Swimming Pool WAS a bad Red X cosplayer who just wandered on the set and they gave him 2 bucks and a machete and let him do whatever.