Thursday, September 22, 2011

Horrible Horror #19 - Mega Piranha (2010)

Well, as promised, I finally return after several setbacks to bring you more fun. In the spirit of last episode, we're focusing on a couple more production companies that keep spewing out crap - this time, The Asylum gets a jab as we take a look at the atrocity that is Mega Piranha.

Yeah, I count monster movies as horror most of the time, even if this doesn't always quite look like a straight out horror flick. That oughta change, however, when I take a look at Full Moon next time. I have a couple in mind, but you're more than welcome to suggest a Full Moon movie you'd like to see covered - who knows, you might be aware of one more horrible than what I have in mind.

With that said, just enjoy the video, guys!

Mega Piranha is (C) The Asylum Films

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