Friday, March 2, 2012

Horrible Horror - Q&A #3

Figured it was time for a new one of these. And actually, I did make this a while ago... and forgot to upload it on my actual Blog. D'oh.

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- Stay Scared


  1. I have really enjoyed what you do! I really haven't been catching up with the blogs though I've just been watching the videos on YouTube. It helps me know which horror movies are bad and I get a couple of good laughs from the videos. I've been a horror fan for a while even though my blog is about how words play into your life. Well to make this not all about me I'll just leave you with I love what you so keep doing it!

  2. I love your review of "Berserker" partly b/c I saw it years ago and was so disappointed when all I wanted was some Viking badassery in a horror flick. Eshbaal, have you considered making a Viking horror after that piece of crap, to vindicate the honor of Danes everywhere?