Wednesday, December 5, 2012

A Quick Message

The reason for the low amount of videos this year is one I should have realized a while ago... I was just a couple of days ago diagnosed with a mild depression. My motivation, self-esteem and creativity keep hitting rock bottom at completely random times. The times I HAVE made videos have been brief periods of normalcy. 

This does not mean that I am going to stop making videos alltogether (or that I am 100% miserable all the time), though - it means that I am in need of some help, which I have already taken steps into getting. So videos will come back. But I felt you all deserved an explanation for my low output this year. Looking back it's been rummaging at the back of my head for a while.

I may still do the occasional Vlog and the like, but the motivation for the full workload that is a review just doesn't pop up often as of late. But it will be back. Thank you for your patience and understanding. 

 - Esh


  1. Oh Esh, I understand how you're feeling. I've battled mild depression for years and know the negative effects of it all too well. I am glad you are seeking the help that you need, as that is often the hardest step for many suffering from depression to take. As a recent fan of your videos and blog and willing internet friend, I am here for you. As much as I miss your hilarious Horrible Horror reviews, I'm happy that you're doing what you need to do for you, and will patiently await your return.

    Take care,

  2. Esh: don't feel bad at all. Take care of yourself first. Speaking as one of your many loyal fans, we'll wait. Hope to see you back soon.

  3. I too deal with depression and anxiety. It can be hell. I just want to say that you do an awesome job and that I love each and everyone of your videos. You make me laugh harder than 95% of the reviewers on blip and TGWTG. That's saying a lot, because most of them are absolutely hilarious. I hope you feel up to making more videos soon and feel at the top of your game. Thanks for the many laughs you have given me since I first discovered your reviews!

  4. I’m very sorry to learn of your diagnosis, but it’s good to know you've sought treatment. I hope you find peace with it soon, and should you ever need someone to talk to you've always got your fans in Alaska (:

    Best of luck, and Merry (early) Christmas!
    -xoxo Ellie

  5. Hey sorry to hear about your diagnosis man. I'm glad you've sought out help and are looking to get better. I hope you feel better soon, and hey remember to take all the time you need.
    Best Wishes,

  6. Sorry to hear about that, Esh! I am typing "eshbaal" into youtube about three times a week to see if there are any new reviews going on! You are actually the reason I discovered, because I randomly happened upon one of your videos and wanted to see more online reviews! So stay strong, and hopefully you will feel that you are up to making a new video soon :D.

    Hilsen fra Norge :D

  7. Hi esh,
    Love your blogs and I will be sending good thoughts along to you. Get well and we hope to see or hear that you are doing better. Take Care,
    Donna M.

  8. Love your channel!!! Definitly worth the wait!!! Hope you fell better soon.

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