Saturday, October 31, 2009


So. Today is Halloween. And you have without a doubt already noticed the complete and utter lack of video here.

Well, the thing is, I only HAD like a week to work on the Halloween: Resurrection review. And I had set those days aside just for that, to work like a horse and get it done. But wouldn't you know I just didn't get the chance either way? I constantly had to go somewhere, help out with the painting of our living room and go to a very important job interview for a job I might not even get - and all this results in me with nothing to show on Halloween, despite my longing to finish something on a deadline for once and be on time with the holiday.

All I can say to those reading this who were waiting is sorry! Sorry it is not here on Halloween - it's downright sad that a horror review series cannot manage to do SOMETHING on Halloween and it annoys me endlessly.

The one thing I CAN do is this: seeing as I AM going to a Halloween party tonight and I AM going to see both Zombieland and Trick 'R Treat, I WILL put up a Recently Seen of the two tomorrow.

As for the Halloween: Resurrection review - it will be made. It will take a couple of days, but it will be here - it will just be late.

So once again, sorry about the lack of a review today, and happy Halloween regardless of it.

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-Stay Scared

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