Saturday, November 7, 2009

Horrible Horror #05 - Halloween: Resurrection (2002)

Well, I didn't manage to release it on Halloween as hoped, but at least it only took a week after that to get it up - you'll have to excuse the opening, since I had SO planned on releasing this October 31st... and the fact that it was the first time I have ever actually done anything special about it being Halloween here in Denmark.

This episode is by far the longest - I think primarily because of the introduction where I attempt to give an (admittedly VERY brief) summary of the Halloween series just to give the viewers an idea of what it is we are dealing with - to think that such a great series could end with something this ridicilous - at least until the almost equally ridicilous sequel and it's sequel. Ah well, at least Mikey got a break for five years after this one.

And since Windows Movie Maker has been pissing me off all day today and causing me one technical problem after another, I have FINALLY gotten myself a new program with which to make the next video - hopefully, that will improve on a LOT of things.

Next up is another entry in another very popular franchise - I will be reviewing Friday the 13th Part 5: A New Beginning! So stay tuned for that!

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Halloween: Resurrection is (C) Dimension Films

-Stay Scared

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