Thursday, September 16, 2010

Horrible Horror #12 - Night of the Lepus (1972)

Of all of the ever vengeful Mother Nature's soldiers, rabbits truly are the most terrifying of them all, as this masterpiece from the early 70'oes featuring none other than Janet Leigh proves to us.

This one was a total blast. But it's hard to make nothing but rabbit jokes for fifteen minutes, I can sure as shit tell you that.

I credited the credits song to "Ozzy Fudd" because, quite frankly, I can't seem to find the actual artist's name anywhere at all no matter how much I search. If anyone knows, please do tell me and I will give proper credit where credit is due.

Night of the Lepus is (c) A.C. Lyles Productons

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  1. The guy who did it is a comedian named Mark McCollum. Here's a video of him performing it:
    Perfect song for this movie, by the way. Great find. Keep up the good work!