Wednesday, November 24, 2010

My slasher DVD collcetion

Hey, peeps. This is just Esh showing off his not-particularly-impressive-but-maybe-insteresting-to-some-of-you Slasher DVD collection.

While I AM working on the next full review, I've just found myself with a bitch of a cold and not able to record my usual wild antics. But to keep you guys somewhat entertained in the meantime, I decided to just run through my slasher DVD collection and talk a little about each of them.

Now, a LOT of these I have already mentioned in other videos or even had as part of Top Ten lists, so if I repeat myself, my apologies. This is also not a particularly impressive collection, I know - I have watched many more (and have many more DVDs of other types of horror) than the ones I have on DVD, but DVDs are expensive here and slashers are rather hard to find when you live in a small country like Denmark.

And as you may have noted, this video is VERY long - much longer than I thought it would be. So if you don't have the patience, that's understandable. I just figured that those who were interested might get a kick out of it.

So here's hoping you'll find this a little interesting - Esh out! See you soon for my next REAL video!

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