Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Horrible Horror #14 - Leprechaun in the Hood (2000)

I shouldn't need to say this, but I'm gonna say do it right away, because I KNOW someone out there is going to think I was being serious:

The rant at the beginning is a joke. I have nothing but respect for Doug Walker and Brad Jones and their respective work as the Nostalgia Critic and the Cinema Snob, and I had great fun watching their review of Leprechaun. I merely thought a rebuttal would make for a good joke, especially since they were panning a favorite of mine to begin with. So there are no hard feelings with this - it's all a big joke.

This was SO supposed to be done a week ago, but I got a hell of a cold and couldn't record. But finally, it is here in all it's frightening glory: Leprechaun in the Hood! This is what it looks like when a "bad" series of films has a black sheep among the sequel that isn't even enjoyable.
Well, at least Warwick Davis is still fun to look at.

I hope to release two videos during december, one of which might be a little shorter than the average review, but nonetheless, I WILL get something
christmas-themed out there this year - unlike last year when all it amounted to was a hastily (and not very well) done christmas themed recommendation

But for now, happy first of December and happy whatever holiday you celebrate, and I hope to see you around for some fun during the month.

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