Thursday, July 9, 2009

Horrible Horror Episode #02 - Berserker: The Nordic Curse (1987)

Another month after the update and Drag Me To Hell review, I finally found time to finish episode 2 - Berserker: Nordic Curse, a terrible Viking-themed Slasher from 1987. To think that something as awesome as vikings (This is the Dane speaking, people) could be botched so much.

I was supposed to review Devon's Ghots for my second episode - but the copy I have just wouldn't seem to work, and I am having trouble finding a new one. So instead of leaving people hanging even longer, I decided to do this one.

You may notice the sound is a little lower - but that is the consequence of recording in a proper quality with the poor equipment I possess - you're probably gonna have to turn up your speakers.

Hope you enjoy the second episode. Next up, a far more recent, but just as terrible movie: THE UNBORN

Berserker is (C) Shapiro Entertainment

- Stay scared

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