Thursday, July 9, 2009

Update + Recently Seen Horror - Drag Me To Hell (2009)

Shortly after my first video was made and I was preparing the Devon's Ghost review, my computer crashed, and it took a month to get things back on track - this video was made to update, as I was hosting my videos on the forum at and I wanted to let people know that I was not dead - while talking about "Drag Me To Hell" which I had seen a few days earlier.

The cuts and my mistakes in both grammar and my pausing is because this is largely unscripted. Which is sort of the point of these mini-videos. I wanted there to be a few video clips, but my computer wouldn't have it. It also because of my computer acting odd that the sound gets a little weird when a picture shows up - I have no idea how to fix this. Sorry.

Drag Me To Hell is (C) Universal Pictues and Ghost House Pictures

-Stay Scared

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