Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Recently Seen Horror - Happy Birthday To Me (1981)

Hey everybody - here's a little "Recently Seen" horror review to keep you occupied while I work on my The Unborn review. Since I turned 20 a week ago, I figured it would be fitting to talk about the immensely fun 1981 slasher flick "Happy Birthday To Me".

I do apologize for how slowly I work with these - but it is both because of my limited resources (Windows Movie Maker crashing constantly does make me tear out a few hairs) and the fact that I spend three hours every day just riding a train to and from work. But it'll get here, I promise.

For now, enjoy this quick review - and go check out the movie if I've somehow managed to make you interested in it.

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Happy Birthday To Me is (C)
Columbia Picutres Corporation and CFDC (Canadian Film Development Corporation)

-Stay Scared

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