Friday, July 31, 2009

Horrible Horror Episode #03 - The Unborn (2009)

Hello there, peeps. Uncle Esh is back for another round of Horrible Horror, JUST in time before he goes on his vacation! Yes, that's right, for the next week there is gonna be nothing but booze and concerts and sleeping in a tent with a pal at the lovely danish Skanderborg Festival, and it's gonna be freaking awesome!

In the meantime, you can hopefully entertain yourself watching Episode 3 of Horrible Horror, where I level the playing field a bit by reviewing a new, mainstream, big-budget film to show you just how much they can suck even in comparison to the old films I have dug out.

Note that this means it will take an extra week before the next review - hell, to be honest, I haven't even decided which one to review next! BUT I will get to work as soon as I come home.

You may note how this is a few minutes longer than my other reviews (resulting in me having to split it in three parts) - frankly, I was on a roll when I wrote this. I just kept coming up with ideas, and I couldn't bring myself to cut out even one of them. It was tough, but now it's here - one of the most sadly wasted horror film concepts since Boogeyman (which I WILL get to at a later point! What a turd of a movie!)

Also, stick around for the end of the credits. There may be a surprise for you...

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The Unborn is (C) Rogue Pictures and Platinum Dunes

-Stay Scared

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